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Temple night

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Ignite Your Connection


Temple Nights are based on ancient traditions of gathering in sacred space to celebrate and worship love, the heart space, our humanity, aliveness one another and our connection to the divine. It is where we unite, within and without.

Here we bring the Temple into the modern world, where deeper connection to each other & to love can lose priority in our busy lives.

These nights are very nourishing for a healthy dose of human connection, to explore connective practices that will open your heart, explore deeper intimacy with yourself or a partner, enjoy the sensation and aliveness of your body, learn practices for setting healthy boundaries, come home to your heart, laugh, play and share a moment of authenticity with others.


You can do the whole night with your partner if you join as a couple, or if you join on your own you'll have the opportunity to meet and connect with multiple people throughout the night!


These Temple Nights are for anyone who deeply desires to awaken deeper into their heart and sensation and to connect authentically to others – where all of us is welcome, where we have a place to celebrate, play, laugh, explore, open our hearts and allow ourselves permission TO JUST BE COMPLETELY, 100%, UNASHAMEDLY OURSELVES.


  • Authentic Connection: Engage in guided practices that nurture your heart and soul.

  • Playful Exploration: Enjoy a variety of activities that bring joy and aliveness to your body.

  • Safe and Respectful: Boundaries and consent are at the heart of every interaction.


You will be guided through solo, group and partnered practices of conscious connection, embodiment, play, authentic communication and present, loving touch. It’s a chance to get out of your mind and into your body. (Your level of participation is completely up to you –you could go through the entire evening without even touching another person if that is your authentic truth. Boundaries are honored first and foremost).

You’ll be guided to explore beautiful practices of touch with others, which will nourish your heart, ignite your self expression and leave you feeling blissfully alive in the arms of a loving community of like-minded people.


During Temple Night, we’ll explore different types of connections – heart-based, playful, energetic, physical connection with one another.  Joy and emotion all have permission to be expressed – within a safe container created around setting healthy boundaries and consent at all times – which we will explore at the beginning of each evening.

** This is a deeply self and group respecting event

** This is a sober event

Event Details 


Friday 14th June


6 -9:00 pm. Arrival from 5:45pm


Single- $50 

Couple - $90 


Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness - Address will be sent with welcome letter 


- water bottle

- cushion/backjack if you need more back support 

- wear something you feel comfortable and good in - layers recommended as we will warm up and cool down at various points of the evening. 

- recommended to eat a light meal beforehand.


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