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Women's work  

What would our lives look like if we were able to shed ourselves of the conditioning of society? 

What would it look like if we no longer carried around guilt, shame or fear for some parts of our identity or our desires? 

How would we move differently in our daily lives if we knew for certain people would accept us completely as we are? 

How would we feel if we could be fully free to express our laughter, joy and pleasure without fear of repercussions? 

What if we carried within us the certainty that whatever happened next would be fine, releasing all areas of worry and anxiety. 

What if you let all the parts of you shine when they come out and let them be fully seen? The little girl, the bitch, the boss, the princess, and the queen. 

Where softness meets stability

Where directness meets . 

Where power meets purpose. 


Who is this for: 

  • Women who are feeling a desire for more out of their life 

  • Women wanting to shift things within 

What we will be doing: 

  • Holding each other accountable for our goals and commitments 

  • Tapping into the parts of us that might not get as much time to shine 

  • Understanding new ways to improve our relationships with partners and family 

  • Learning tools to help us when shit gets real 

  • Understanding the tantric approach to lovemaking and spicing up our love lives for the benefit of both partners 

  • Bringing daily routines to help us better our mental health and reach our goals 

Above the Clouds

Module 1: Deepening Roots

  • Connect to Earth

  • Access your Ground

  • Trust your Boundaries

Sunset Kayak

Module 2: Finding Flow

  • Connect to Water

  • Trust your Movement

  • Access your Pleasure


Module 3: Building Core

  • Connect to Fire

  • Access your Power

  • Trust your Desire

Father and Son

Module 4: Branching Out

  • Connect to Love

  • Access your Heart

  • Trust your Emotions

Aerial View of Islands

Module 5: Breathing In

  • Connect to Air

  • Access your Truth

  • Trust your Voice

Moon Clouds

Module 6: Receiving Light

  • Connect to Space

  • Access your Insight

  • Trust your Vision

Included in the Program


Online live calls with meditations, teachings and sharing. 


Videos with corresponding weekly embodiment practices


Whatsapp Group for connection and accountability


Two-Day in person Immersion Weekend

6 Week Online Program with 1 Weekend Immersion

January 29th - March 4th
Mondays - 6pm-8pm
Weekend In person Immersion -
March 9-10th - 10:30- 6:30pm /10:30 - 3pm 

Price - $675 

Join us

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