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Where Body Meets Mind

Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Who is this for: 

  • This is for any book nerds that also love to discuss and connect over their readings. 

  • This is also for anyone that really loves to intellectualize our path to healing, with an additional embodiment piece to make sure that is does land and isn't something that we just talk about. 

  • Desire to experience meditations and embodiment practices that will help them clear and release what is not serving them.  

  • This is for anyone that wants to dive deeper into knowing how our nervous system, body and chakras. 


About the Book: 

Readers all over the world call this book their personal Bible. One even said they could throw out every other self-help book on their shelf! Used by healing schools everywhere, it describes the psychological realities of each chakra, how we get shut down as we grow up, and what to do about it. Most of all, you will come to understand yourself and your own chakra patterns.


A ground-breaking text in transpersonal psychology, these pages weave together childhood development, Jungian individuation, bioenergetic character structures, and Eastern mysticism into one comprehensive theory that bridges East and West, mind, body, and spirit, into one seamless whole. An owner's manual for the human soul, it is an aid to healing for both therapists and laypeople in the recovery process.


About the Book Club: 


We will be meeting once a week, every Wednesday, over 8 weeks to discuss, process and integrate this book to deepen the impact to transform our lives. 


Each week we will cover a Chapter(Chakra) and also follow through with an embodiment practice that will allow you to fully feel, process and digest the content of the book. 


We will begin to journey together through this book as a way of collectively healing and providing support for what comes up. To be seen, heard and felt in a way that can't be done while reading the book by yourself. 


There will be a telegram group for support and communication. 


Lets dive in together in a held container to allow us to truly explore the body and mind. 

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