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Sun, Jul 21



Relational Alchemy

Are you ready to transform your relationship into a blazing fire of connection, passion, and understanding?

Relational Alchemy
Relational Alchemy

Time & Location

Jul 21, 2024, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA


About the Event

Relationship Alchemy: A Practice to Ignite Your Connection

Join us on a transformative one day adventure into the fires of Relational Alchemy. Through 4 different alchemic strategies we cover all the important areas that keep the relationship moving forward with clear, compassionate communication, liveliness and life of a living entity that is ever evolving.

Relationship is a practice of tending the fires of intimacy, and this workshops series will teach you how to keep that flame burning bright and hot.

It’s in the alchemical fire of relationship, that we can transform our triggers into treasures.

This for couple who: 

  • May be facing challenges in communication, emotional regulation, or maintaining passion in their relationship.
  • Have experienced difficulties in expressing themselves authentically or understanding their partner's needs.
  • Are seeking to reignite the spark in their relationship or reconnect on a deeper level.
  • Want to learn the hard and soft skills neede to uplevel their relationship to new realms of satisfaction and magic. 

What we will be covering in this Course

Inner Alchemy -Mastering the Flames Within

Explore the depths of self-regulation before co-regulation. Learn the art of inner alchemy as we guide you through understanding yourself and your needs. Discover the power of aspecting as a practice—express and release, creating a foundation for a resilient and harmonious connection.

What We Will Teach:

  • Uncovering the keys to self-awareness and emotional regulation.
  • Embracing the practice of aspecting for authentic expression.
  • Cultivating a profound understanding of your own needs.

Conflict Alchemy - Deepening through Healthy Communication

Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire alive. Learn how to express without blame, shame, or accusation. Navigate the intricacies of internal and external processing, immediate and delayed communication. Refine your toolkit based on your emotional triggers and discover the power of having a witness or coach by your side.

What We Will Teach:

  • Mastering the art of blame-free communication.
  • Adapting your toolkit to effectively communicate in different situations.
  • Embracing the support of a witness or coach for transformative conversations.

Passion Alchemy -Tending the Flames of Love

Rediscover the passion that brought you together. Explore conscious gratitude practices and understand the real firekeeper in your relationship. Dive deep into understanding how you and your partner need to be loved and embrace the differences. Learn to stoke the flames intentionally and keep the passion alive.

What We Will Teach:

  • Reigniting the passion and remember why you're together.
  • Cultivating a conscious gratitude practice.
  • Understanding and embracing the unique ways you and your partner feel loved.

Divine Alchemy - Nurturing a Relationship Beyond Attachment

Allow your relationship to transpire from a place of non-attachment. Give your connection breathing room and create sacred ceremonies and intentional practices. Understand the role of support in your partnership and guide each other towards becoming the best versions of yourselves without imposing expectations.

What We Will Teach:

  • Embracing non-attachment for a healthier relationship.
  • Fostering intentional practices and sacred ceremonies.
  • Supporting each other's journey without imposing expectations.

Don't miss the chance to embark on this alchemical journey of connection. Not only can your union be the best it’s ever been, but because of its potency and alchemy, each of you can become your best as well!


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