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Calling in the Good Guys.

We need to ritualistically and regularly turn

towards our pain and turn towards our darkness.

If we don’t turn towards our darkness,

we won’t know what’s there or how to use it.

If we don’t turn towards our pain, it will

run our body/mind from the background.

When these two things team up,

The current world is the result.

When we habitually turn away from our pain and our darkness, we unconsciously create hell for ourselves and everyone around us.

When we turn towards the shadow, own our darkness and heal our pain, then we can consciously co-create heaven with and for each other.

All our power lies in what has been disowned and repressed. But until we heal our hearts, most of us wisely disown our power, out of a desire to not cause harm.

This is where we get the whole trope that good guys always lose and asshole always get the girl.

It’s not just a plot device for movies.

It’s a real part of reality, on a certain level.

Power, passion, precision, are means of making shit happen, getting what you want, manifesting certain version of reality. They’re also ways of frequently hurting other people, when they’re being driven by pain, fear, selfishness.

To be blunt, when a man-sized body is still be driven by a wounded little boy or an angry teenager, lots of people get hurt.

So from this paradigm, the world gets divided into the good guy / asshole archetypes.

One of them gets everything he wants, and doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

The other is highly committed to not hurting other people, and runs from his own power.

Now, I would argue that the second option is indeed far better, if those are the o it two options.

But there’s a third option.

A harder, braver one.

Heal your heart.

Face your shadow.

Confront your ego.

Integrate your drives.

Then claim your power.

Because the world needs more

powerful people with big loving hearts.

This is what the world needs in response to the whole man/bear things. Not a choice between powerful angry men or kind weak men.

We need the presence of strong lovers.


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