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Does the masculine lead the feminine?

Direction and purpose are a superimposition of the mind. So it is something added to the feminine, not something that she requires or is missing.

It’s hard to talk about these things, because we’re always talking from the present moment backwards, using the prevailing paradigm as being normative and which has established most of our language and paradigms.

To say the feminine is aimless is backwards perspective, because it implies the preexistence of aim. But purpose and direction come after the fact. A river isn’t aimless, even though it’s also true that it has no aim. The mind and the masculine only work in terms of directionality and movement towards something, but this is not the original polarity.

The feminines works in beingness and being drawn by a magnetic force. An emerging river is drawn by gravity, but where it goes is unknown at the time and unimportant. Then the mind comes a long and says, ah it goes from here to there. Now it has direction and purpose.

To describe the feminine as aimless is seeing her from the perspective of the mind, and is to presuppose the priority of being aimed.

It’s more accurate to say that she is Ecstatic Being, and that energy can be aimed. But the lack of aim isn’t a lack of something, but rather an additional thing that hasn’t been added yet.

The original polarity is that masculine is simply the space and the witness; and she ecstatically unfolds within and before him, to his great delight.

The current polarity is 180 inverted to this, which is masculine leadership, trying to aim the feminine, harness her, direct her, increase her yield, control her power. And all of our very best and worst outcomes have been a result of this dynamic.

I’m not arguing for or against masculine leadership and direction. I’m simply stating that in the original context, there was ecstatic being, that was held and witnessed and cherished in her pure free wild expression.

Aim, direction, and purpose, are secondary.

She is primordial. She is the first cause.


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