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Finding Liberation...

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings, everywhere, be free.

At the core of my being, this rings loudly.

Freedom can mean so many things.

And really, it only means one thing—

A world where everything is governed by two simple sacred tenets— sovereignty and consent.

Every being free into their divine right to choose for themselves what they want to do, and only limited by whatever other sovereign beings do or don’t consent to.

After that, it’s all fair game. Everything is in.

Finding this kind of freedom often involves leaning into places that feel uncomfortable, places we’ve been told not to go to, places we’ve been told are bad; and I’ve found few better spaces to do that than in the weird ass world of Kink.

It took me a little while to realize that this zone isn’t really about the sex at all.

Not entirely, anyways. It’s about freedom.

It’s as important as the revolution war.

And it’s done for the same reasons.

As a practicing tantrika, I’ve always been fascinated by the counter-cultural throbbing heart of this tradition. At the very core of this work is the surprisingly deep process of breaking yourself free from the culturally imposed mind-prison of what you are allowed to be and what you absolutely must not bed, what you can do and what you absolutely must not do.

So these spiritual seekers 1000 years ago, set out to free themselves by intentionally doing whatever it is you’re not supposed to do.

Not suppose to drink wine? Not supposed to eat meat?Not supposed to touch any thing sacred with your left hand? Not supposed to mix company with lower caste members? Not supposed to touch a woman on her moon?

Great, they say, let’s get together, drink wine, touch a lover from a lower caste on her moon, then eat meat with our left hand, and declare it all sacred.

But because anything magical happens when you do these things, but because something deeply magical happens when you shatter the conditioned mind and liberate the body into the somatic knowing that everything is holy.

Everything else is a lie.

And unsurprisingly, I have found so much access to this undivided state where everything is god, in weird dark poorly lit rooms you have to know the right person to get into, filled yelps, and cracks, and snaps, and ooohs and ahhhhs, where the one thing you won’t find is anyone else’s idea of what you’re supposed to be.

Sovereignty. Consent. Freedom.

I’m so grateful to have access to this world and the freedom it brings. And I’m grateful for the many people in my fields to are creating more of this change in the world.


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