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Self-Love - Self-Improvement Paradox

These two things can often feel at odds. 

If I love myself the way I am, why change?

If there are parts of me that need to change, how can I love and accept myself right now?

Lately I’ve been feeling a of imposter syndrome and self-criticism, especially when I facilitate. 

When I dig into, one thing I find is that I hold extremely high standards and expectations for myself. Nothing is ever good enough. 

It’s both been how I have gotten extremely proficient at a few things in life, and it also seems like the enemy of my self-love project, to hold such a critical gaze on myself. 

But I realized that this critical is just data. 

Just a glimpse of how much better I could be. 

So, I’ve been actively engaged of a process of accepting the fact that I’m never gonna live up to my own standards, and that it is actually beautiful and I can just relax into it.

And I’m kinda starting to love this part of me that’s never satisfied. It’s such an asset when I don’t identify with it. When I stop trying to earn my own love from performance, and actually love myself unconditionally, it feels easy to see myself critically as a true gift. 

Because then it actually becomes an act of genuine self-love to critically engage with the manifestation of my most magnificent self.

The ability to be self-aware, self-critical, and self-loving is such a fucking superpower.


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