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We evolved in community and that will always be where we fully thrive.

We all fantasize about living in community where we can be met and nourished with loving connection, intentional and conscious communication regularly.

We long to be seen, and we fear it. The power of safe supportive community can supercharge our journey, allowing us to get further than we could alone, and with less effort.

As the African wisdom says:


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

A place where we can heal together, grow together, create together.
A place where we can leverage the power of deeply planted humans, 

roots entwined in mycological connection, consciousness networked. 


Who is this for: 

  • Those desiring to work with a consistent group for healing on deeper level 

  • Anyone desiring to start creating cohesive community tools 

  • Anyone desiring to solidify their sovereignty

  • Anyone wanting to gain stronger communication tools 

THE VILLAGE program begins on August 15th.

1st & 3rd thursdays, in person 6-9pm

2nd & 4th thursdays, on zoom 7-8pm

Join us on this transformative journey of connection and growth!


This is a common desire in the collective, and an absolute need in the nervous system,

yet so many of us long for this without any access to actually get it.

Sometime we are surrounded by people and yet still feel alone and unseen. 


This is why this program exists. To create a cohesive field of community through consistent connection. Where we meet each other where we are, knowing that we have cut through the superficial and exposing the real sides of us that are only saved for the very few, if any. 


In this 6 month container we will be creating an accountability protocol that will allow us to grow and be seen with loving kindness and presence, and with the discernment of not hiding from our shadows. 


We will allow the collective energies to do their magic, as one goes through a process we all heal.
Non duality speaks from a place of knowing that all the energies are us, so we must move through the different paths this life brings forth as one group. As one village. 

What we will be doing: 

  • Creating thriving relationships with partners, friends and family. 

  • Supporting each other in deep healing through stable presence.

  • Learning to solve conflict on logical, emotional and energetic levels, with conscious communication, relational stability and inner peace. 

  • Tantric Meditations, Embodiment practices, Jungian Psychology, Attachment Theory, Nervous system Regulation, and more.

  • Working in the Shamanic and Collective fields to heal our parts and patterns through reflection, witnessing and ritual theater.



Private WhatsApp Group


BiWeekly 3 hr Gatherings


Bi-weekly 1-hr Zoom Calls


Free Access to Workshops*


2- 1:1 Sessions

*You will receive full access to all our local events that are up to 3 hrs. Includes Sound Healings, Sensual playground, Kirtan events, Men's/Women's groups, Temple events, Morning practices. We host these regularly and can be anywhere from 2-4 events per month. 

Ready to join us?

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does a typical gathering look like? 

- We will always start with some breath, movement and embodiment practices, each have a chance to check in and share, then move to some specific teaching and transmission. The second half of the gathering is allowing for emergence to happen, listening to the group field of what we are collectively bringing through, and follow the lead of what feels alive. This could be group discussion, partner practices, shamanic descents, ceremony, ritual, and so much more. Then we will finish with something soothing and connecting, to make sure we always leave from a place of safety and stability.

How long is the Program? 

- The commitment is 6 months long, but the container doesn’t end. Just like a real village and life itself, it keeps growing and evolving with us. We will bring structure, teachings and practices; but the journey will also be highly responsive to the field and allowing the content to be emergent in nature. The container grows through us, as we grow through the container; creating an energetic field powerful and deep enough to produce enormous transformation in just six months, and yet is a renewable current that will continue to offer newness and fruit many times over. There will be the option to renew as we will be covering different topics monthly that only repeat after the first year.

Can I opt out at anytime? 

- One of our deepest values for this container is deep stable community. So leaving mid journey would be disruptive in a way we’re hoping to avoid. This program is specifically created to bring us to and support us in working through those times where we might want to walk away from something. One of the main points of this container developing the capacity to be with difficult situations and still participate in life from a place of loving presence and accountability. That being said, we fully honor your sovereignty, and empower you to honor your needs, if for some reason you come to the sovereign truth that this isn’t for you.

What is involved in the private Whatsapp group? 

- The private group is specifically a place to share celebrations, cultivate connections and seek support when we are not in session. We want to create a cohesive field of community where you can feel safe to reach out about anything and know there will be someone to see you or hold support if needed. This is going to really help rewire our nervous system away from any stories of being alone, too much or not good enough.

How many people will be joining the program? 

- We are wanting this to be an intimate container so we are limiting it to 8-10 people. After three months, another cohort will enter the field, allowing an intentional blend between stability and freshness— both keys aspects of the Village blueprint.

I have a lot of experience working in group containers, is this program for me? 

Yes! You are exactly the right person for this container. This program is not for beginners of personal development or those who are new to the spiritual path. We are expecting a level of emotional responsibility, developmental experience, and self awareness with the participants, so we can go into places that a novice might not be able to move through. This is an advanced container that is designed to beneficially challenge those who have already plenty of work and still find a stagnant edge that can’t find a way through.

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