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Full Bodied
Men's Work 

Two men pushing against each other

Do you long to connect with the fullness of everything you are and can become?


The field of men’s work is highly polarized. One side focused on power and force. The other on softness and sensitivity. One side focused on being sharp. The other on being safe. One side effective and still harmful. The other harmless yet ineffective. 


But the way forward is neither a path reviving the old ways of being that have caused so much suffering in the world, nor a path of running from everything the old way represented and simply trying to be the opposite. 


The new masculine has access to it all. This work is about calling home the radically free expression of your power and passion. This is where sharpness meets safety. Where aggression meets attunement. Where powerful meets purpose. 


A six week online journey, from our foundation to our fullest expression, finding our power, passion and purpose, while trusting ourselves to hold it.


A weekend in-person immersion to bring it all into our bodies and into supportive community, so we can lean into growth and into each other.

Where sharpness meets safety

Where aggression meets attunement. 

Where power meets purpose. 

A group of men sitting in circle

Who is this for: 

  • Men who want to be powerful and safe.

  • Men who want to live up to their potential.

  • Men who want to maximize passion, power, purpose and playfulness. 

  • Men wanting to change the patterns that no long serve them in life.

  • Men wanting to open to connection.

  • Men seeking brotherhood support.

  • Men who want more from life.

What we will be doing: 

  • Holding each other accountable for our goals and commitments 

  • Tapping into the parts of us that might not get as much time to shine 

  • Understanding new ways to improve our relationships with partners and family 

  • Learning tools to help us when shit gets real 

  • Understanding the tantric approach to lovemaking and spicing up our love lives for the benefit of both partners 

  • Bringing daily routines to help us better our mental health and reach our goals 

Writing in a notebook
Above the Clouds

Module 1: Deepening Roots

  • Connect to Earth

  • Access your Ground

  • Trust your Boundaries

Sunset Kayak

Module 2: Finding Flow

  • Connect to Water

  • Trust your Movement

  • Access your Pleasure


Module 3: Building Core

  • Connect to Fire

  • Access your Power

  • Trust your Desire

Father and Son

Module 4: Branching Out

  • Connect to Love

  • Access your Heart

  • Trust your Emotions

Aerial View of Islands

Module 5: Breathing In

  • Connect to Air

  • Access your Truth

  • Trust your Voice

Moon Clouds

Module 6: Receiving Light

  • Connect to Space

  • Access your Insight

  • Trust your Vision

Included in the Program


Online live calls with meditations, teachings and sharing. 


Videos with corresponding weekly embodiment practices


Whatsapp Group for connection and accountability


Two-Day in person Immersion Weekend

a man teaching in front of a painting

6 Week Online Program with a Weekend Immersion

May 1st - June 5th
Wednesdays - 6pm-8pm
Weekend In Person Immersion -
June 8-9th - 10:30- 6:30pm /10:30 - 3pm 

Price - $675 (Early bird $575 - Until April 10th) 

Join us

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