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Couples Immersion

Our Couples Immersion program is a supportive and renewing experience that will transform your life and your relationship. Our 3 day couple's Immersion provides personalized support to meet your unique needs, helping you and your partner to achieve a deeper, more meaningful connection. If you're ready for a transformative experience that will renew your love for each other, contact us today to learn more.


About the Immersion

Held over 3 days and 2 nights in luxurious accommodation surrounded by nature, you will be living with Tantra teacher's Ben Raya  and Larinda Michelle. You will receive multiple sessions each day that are tailored to your specific needs as a couple, as well as being immersed in a Tantric lifestyle, as Larinda and Ben share what Tantric Union in every-day life looks like. This powerful combination of both formal and informal time together increases the learning potential and embodiment of the teachings, which ensures that the knowledge and practices you experience can be implemented in your daily life and relationship.


We will Explore

– How to create and maintain passion and joy in relationships that increases with time
– Clarity on what both of your needs are for intimacy – in and out of the bedroom
– Heal blockages to receiving love and pleasure
– How to cultivate deeper balance, freedom, love and safety
– Tools to navigate the ups and downs of relationship and work to mend conflict
– Letting go of fear guilt and shame around your needs, fantasies, and desires
– The connection between sexuality and spirituality
– Understanding Masculine/Feminine polarity in relationship to maintain the honeymoon energy
– Daily practices to invigorate your soul and support your growth and evolution
– Daily Question & Answer sessions with Larinda and Ben to gain clarity and resolution



Day 1:

– Arrival 4pm.
– Couple’s first introductory discussion with Larinda and Ben, followed by dinner together.
– Evening ceremony to open the container and set intentions for the immersion.

Day 2& 3:

– 4 – 6 hours of sessions daily, tailored to your specific needs as individuals and together as a couple. Homework to practice in the evenings together.
– These sessions are deep dives working to: (1) clear armor and blockages that may be holding you both back from giving and receiving love fully, and (2) activate deeper levels of connection, pleasure, harmony, fun and passion together
– Shared meals together and natural Q&A sessions with Larinda and Ben throughout our informal time together
– Morning daily practice to support the integration of the 1:1 sessions

Day 3:
– Dinner together before closing the immersion journey

Couple's Immersion Details 

During these couples immersions, you will experience Tantric wisdom and skills that will open you to a new depth of sexual self-acceptance, enhanced relationships & connections, Tantric tips for a soulful and spicy relationship, and deep nourishment and healing of the soul.

Cost: $5,500 USD

Includes: Luxury accommodation and meals in the within 2 hrs of Denver (no extra cost). Other locations available for the additional cost of flights. 

How to work with us 

Before you enter any of my containers, you’ll first need to qualify by submitting your answers in the submission below and then booking a discovery call.

If you are not ready to got to the depth of intimacy and vulnerability, then we are not the right people to work with.

It is a sacred space where you are SAYING YES to yourselves and to each other. This immersion is for those who desire to meet the highest potential of their relationship. To create something that transcends all limits of what we are taught relationships can be and embrace a new relationship paradigm. One which is build on the foundation of safety and friendship but is also passionate and overflowing with pleasure. 

This immersion is your chance to permanently upgrade your relationship.  By the end, you will have a completely new way of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating with each other.  If you are ready for the journey of a lifetime, one that creates internal and external shift this immersion is ready for you. 

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