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Releasing the Past, Receiving the Present

Are you yearning for a profound shift in your relationships, your presence, and your connection to the sacred?  Welcome to the transformative journey of "Slow, Secure & Sovereign- A pathway to Deeper Living" – a 2-day workshop that will guide you through the realms of Tantra, Meditation, Attachment Theory, and Authentic Relating.


Embrace the Power of Connection and Presence

In a world where distractions often pull us away from the present moment, This workshops is your gateway to a more fulfilling existence.

Are you tired of old patterns dictating your reactions?

Do you long for deeper passion and meaning in your relationships?

This workshop is crafted just for you.

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Who is this for?

Whether you're well-acquainted with Tantra, embodiment practices, and temple arts, or you're eager to deepen your meditation practice, this workshop welcomes you with open arms. If you're feeling stuck in your current practices, of codependency or loneliness, this will breathe fresh energy into your journey.

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Embrace the Fusion of
Tradition and Modernity

"Slow, Secure & Sovereign" is a fusion of classical and modern Tantra, meditation, and a wide spectrum of teachings and practices. Our journey together is enriched by the wisdom of various traditions, creating a holistic experience like no other.

Event Details


Single:  Early Bird - $250 Regular - $300
Couple/Bring a Friend Discount: Early Bird - $450 Regular - $500

Price does not include accommodation. 

Strictly limited numbers. 


June 29th - 30th 2024


10:30- 6:30 pm


Temple Dragonheart, Boulder 
Address sent along with purchase of ticket 


Come explore and expand with us! 

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Hear from one of our Participants:

"Safe, Secure & Sovereign was one of the most powerful and transformative weekends of my life, and led to a significant shift in my relationships with myself and others, as well as my relationship to the sacred within and around me. I now feel a deeper connection to myself, grounded in self-love, and am able to connect to others from this place of presence, security, and stability. I also find it much easier to connect in ways that are  authentic, centered, and empowered, and honor my sovereignty. Larinda and Ben co-create a safe and comfortable space to explore within yourself and connect with others, and the embodiment practices and ceremony are truly magical. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to begin or deepen their journey of self-discovery and personal transformation." 

About the facilitators

Larinda Michelle 

Larinda has spent the last 20 years of her life in event and project production. This has taken many different forms from parties, psychedelic journeys, directing music festivals to sensual connection workshops. Within the projects she had been unconsciously began building a strong attunement for space holding and building communities. 

While on her own journey of healing, she found Tantra and immediately felt a deeper call to service in a this area. Taking the Practitioner Training through the Embodied Awakening Academy brought a new understanding of trauma, energetics and somatics that has driven her deeper into this practice. 

Working closely within the Academy for the last three years has lead to incredible growth and understanding of love, communication and inner union. She is excited to be bringing these tools and practices to others, and to facilitate the deep journey into wholeness for others. 


Ben Raya

After 30 years of being the classic western disembodied head on a stick, Ben has dedicated the last 7 years to practices of embodiment, somatic and awakening into real human presence. 

The call came for him with the birth of his second child, a perfect mirror for all his disowned parts of himself, which launched him into the internal work he needed to step into the person that was necessary to raise her. This being the greatest gift he has ever received. 

His primary tradition has been the study of classical tantra, with extensive time practicing modern Tantra, as well. Beyond those, Ben finds continued embodiment practice through Thai Massage, West African Drum and Dance, and Brazilian Zouk. Music has been in his veins since he was a child and even pursued in it in University. His mastery of working within the energetics of the rhythm of life to inspire and move the body is tantric in itself. 

When he is not facilitating, coaching or with his children his is still working   within his embodiment practice as a Lumberjack, where finding connection to nature, the body and the Dark Masculine, a rich and fruitful tantric practice in and of itself.

Ben is passionate about guiding others into new realms of embodiment, pleasure, connection, and a deep genuine realization of their own divinity. 

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